Leamington awoke to a light smattering of show this morning, so I wasn’t surprised to find it a lot lighter out than usual. I was surprised when, just on my approach to the station, the street lights went off and I realised it was no longer dark. I’m hoping this means that by next week I’ll be leaving for work in the light… Until, that is, we put the clocks forward. Have I mentioned how much I hate the dark nights and mornings…?

The Macmillan fundraisers held a bake sale for Haiti today and invited us to donate homemade cakes. I made my almost infamous nutella-filled blueberry cocoa cupcakes, which I think went down pretty well… I was asked for the recipe again anyway!

And these are the shoes I picked up at the charity shop by work last week. As well as being really pretty and a good height for work, they’re M&S “Insolia” – which means their sole is padded for extra comfort. ยฃ4.99 – what a bargain!


8 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. OK, that’s it, I’m going thrifting at the weekend – those fabulous shoes have finally persuaded me to get back to it! I love the skirt too: so cheerful for these horrible, dark days!

    • Hooray! There’s some great charity shops in Edinburgh – I got a gorgeous brand new Monsoon dress with tags still on the last time I was there!

      And I’m always jealous that you have Armstrongs too – not too shabby for Kylie, not too shabby for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Is it wrong that I want to inhale the cupcakes?! They look so divine and my utterly wrotten cold is making everything I attempt to eat taste of nothing – at least looking at them longingly won’t add to my hips!

    A x

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