See, I have not had my lower legs permanently replaced with knee high boots
– I still have ankles hiding under there!

I don’t know why, but today just felt like a shoe kinda day. Maybe I’m yearning for spring, or maybe I’m just fed up of hiding my many-hued tights, but I really wanted to wear shoes. Which is ironic as I usually spend so much of the year wishing I could wear my knee boots again….

The little girl who sat beside me on my bus this morning smelled of porridge, cinnamon and crisp green apples. She sat there in her pretty pink jacket with her corn rows in pigtails, school bag in hand, and tortured me – it made me so hungry! And today, being the day I had to get to the station 20 minutes before the train to queue for my monthly season ticket, was the first day I hadn’t got up early enough to eat breakfast before I left the house (that’s my kinda non-new-years resolution, to eat breakfast). By 9am I was so desperate I had to dig into lunch (PB&J sandwiches – yum!) and by lunch, well, let’s just say two plums and a yoghurt didn’t really satisfy!

So, I ended up going to the local shopping centre for a bag of apples. Which is a bugger as I’m trying really hard just now to avoid spending any money. You’ll be pleased to hear, though, that I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on my weekly food shopping list. This was accomplished by a) being really good (obviously) b) refusing to allow myself to enter the charity shops c) refusing myself access to Matalan and d) focusing all my energy on the fact that, having splashed out £300 on my monthly train and bus ticket this morning, there is nothing in my bank account! I’m going to have to rustle me up some freelance, maybe ebay a few of my lesser-worn clothes/shoes, if I wish to keep myself in the manner to which I have become accustomed (i.e. with a roof over my head…)

Still, even if I can’t afford to eat this month, at least I’ll be able to get to work every day! 😀


2 thoughts on “Legs!

    • Hehehe – thank you sweetheart, you’re very sweet! But don’t worry, I have fully stocked cupboards and typing fingers loaded with poetic license! 😉

      That said, I’d love to try your mushroom wellington! xx

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