Weekend notes

FRIDAY: There’s something so pleasant about working in an open plan office on a Friday afternoon. After lunch people seem to actively relax – almost as if the whole building lets out a collective sigh of relief. The usual studious atmosphere is disturbed by pockets of quiet chatter as people share their plans for those precious two days off. And from 15.59 almost exactly, the chatter is punctuated by the Microsoft Windows chime as computers are shut down. The weekend itself flies by, more often than not culminating in a Sunday night of despondency and disappointment and missed opportunity, but the build-up to Friday night, the anticipation of hitting the snooze button, the prospect of two days away from your desk… these treasures can’t be beaten

OUTFIT 1: mooching with Nat
OUTFIT 2: drinks with the girls

SATURDAY: Nat and I had a lovely Friday night in with wine, fajitas, much gossip and plenty of Glee! Followed by a Saturday of laziness and browsing the shops of Le Spa. While mooching around H&Ms grunge-revival inspired section, one particular dress caught my eye… Largely because I bought it in H&M last time there was a grunge revival! So, I dug it out to wear for drinks with Roisin, Lauren, Carys, and fellow booksellers Martha and Claire. I do wish I also still had my crochet cardigan to throw over it… but you can’t win ’em all!


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