Unhappy Mondays

Mondays are tough for everyone, but lately I’ve found them the toughest days of the week by far. Working on Sundays, much as I love Waterstones, just cuts out that extra day’s lie in that my night-owl body really needs. So, if I look tired and greasy in this picture please forgive me, but my hair would have taken too long to dry by the time I’d dragged myself from my bed. Also, when this picture was taken I’d been awake a whole 15 minutes. I was still on the platform for 6.52 though, with a cold 8 minutes to wait for my train – haven’t quite got my timing perfect yet.


2 thoughts on “Unhappy Mondays

  1. I love that Get Cutie dress. I found your blog ages ago when I was Googling “Get Cutie”. I have a couple of their skirts but wouldn’t buy a dress without trying in on. Doesn’t stop me ogling them though.

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