Do the shuffle

Mmmm – all full of dumplings!

When my alarm went off this morning I rolled over. It was a non-hair-washing day, so granted me another 15, maybe 20 minutes in bed. What it didn’t grant me was another 45 minutes of sleep… but that’s what I got.

I threw on clothes in a 15 minute flap, grabbed my green coat (because even I can’t make purple work with red!) and ran out of the door already a couple of minutes late. Halfway down the stairs I had to turn back because my train pass? Was in my purple coat pocket.

“Okay,” I steeled myself, “It’s okay, you’ll just have to walk a little bit faster than usual today. You’re wearing flats – it’ll be fine!”

What I hadn’t anticipated was what met me on my doorstep: sheet ice.

The last few days have been cold. I’ve shivered my way down the street, utterly perplexed by the puddles refusing to freeze over. I’ve told myself that it can’t be that cold, that I must have got used to the heating in my flat, or maybe all the cold is wind chill and not atmospheric.

Having almost gone backside over elbow with my first oblivious steps, I had to deploy a sort of very-quick-baby-step shuffle to get me to the station. As I rounded the brow of the hump-back canal bridge and watched a train pull out of the station I thought it was all over…

But it wasn’t. That was the 6.49 pulling out. I arrived on the platform at 6.56, as my train pulled in. So it seems today I somehow got the timing exactly right! I wonder whether I can recreate the baby-step shuffle tomorrow morning…


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