Feverish Dreams

I’ve been planning this blog post for about a week, but a serendipitous moment yesterday lunchtime promoted me to finally get on with it…

About a fortnight ago, Roisin introduced me to Fever Designs, purveyors of fabulous clothing with a particularly perfect line in dresses. Being the frock type as I am I very quickly fell in love with all of the following:

Corbusier Atlantis dress: £64.99

Serand shirt dress: £65.99

Cannes Bardot dress: £59.99

New England Dress: £69.99
(And OH so forties!)

Scribble maxi dress: £69.99

And then there was the one that really caught my eye:

The monkey pinafore. Reduced from £49.99  to £25. How cute is this dress? I love everything about it – the shape, the pockets, and THE MONKEYS!!!

So when Roisin texted me today to say she was in the London Fever boutique and they had one in my size for a mere tenner I couldn’t really resist. She dropped it round last night and it fits like a dream… and now I can’t wait for summer to arrive so I can actually wear it!

Oh, and also, I know I often say how lovely, thoughtful, friendly and inspiring bloggers are, but may I just also say how very generous they are too? Because Roisin refused to let me pay her for this, insisting that, had she not been concerned about seeming “creepy” she’d have bought it as a gift for me anyway. I’m going to do a proper post when I get around to it about the lovely gifts my fellow bloggers have sent me in recent months… you really are a wonderful bunch, and I appreciate each and every one of you! xx


9 thoughts on “Feverish Dreams

  1. Oh my – I love Fever Designs! Had not spotted that gorgeous pencil skirt with the bow front (on your WWEPW post) before, but it’s a dream! I’m currently hankering after the Sailor Pinafore dress, but am a little unsure on their sizes (which you freakishly have also posted about today – have you been invading my brain lately Cie?!) and worry a 14 may not work for me – was your monkey dress (too cute by the way!) true to size?

    A x

    • Funny you ask that…

      My monkey dress is actually a 14, and I usually do wear a 16, especially from smaller labels… I was pretty convinced it wouldn’t fit, but I was wrong!

      Roisin has the sailor pinafore – it’s utterly adorable!


  2. Hi Amy – I’ve just seen this! I’m sometimes a 10 and sometimes a 12 in Fever dresses and I bought the sailor pinafore in a 10. It fits fine, a little snug around my boobs, and I’m not convinced the 12 would actually have been any bigger in that area. Fever don’t go up to a 16 in their Ruby Belle dresses, but if a 14 normally fits you I think there is a good chance it would here too. 😀

  3. Hi Roisin – Oooh, thank you so much! I’m a size 14 in pretty much everything, so after yours and Cie’s advice, I imagine that I should be in Fever too! I may just have to treat myself to the sailor pinafore’s kitschtasticness (this is a word, oh yes it is) as a treat for my birthday!

    Thanks again lovely ladies,
    A x

  4. Amy – excellent! I love the dress, it’s very unusual and, although it is a little bit snug on me in the bodice the skirt is great and I enjoy wearing it. Fever sizes are a little bit on the erratic side but they are good about exchanging or returning stuff you have bought online so you should give it a go! x

  5. I want the first dress! LOVE IT. Oh. and the navy, white & red one. And the monkey one is adorable. Can’t wait to see it!

    I am so tired. Please don’t judge my horrible grammar Miss Editor. xx

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