Live, fail, learn…

I really struggle to wear this dress. I picked it up in a charity shop for next to nothing and shortened it, thinking if I showed some leg to balance the high neck I might find it a little easier to style. In some ways this worked, but not to the extent I’d have liked.

It’s really the dropped-waist that’s the issue here. I’m blessed with a good waist-to-hip-ratio (yes, I say so myself – what of it??) and so look best if I highlight that fact. Therefore flapper-shape dresses like this one, pretty as they may be, don’t suit me. And this is a fact I’ve struggled to come to terms with as I clearly recall having a GORGEOUS drop-waist M&S party frock with a sash around the hips when I was little. (i.e. before I became “woman”,  l-o-n-g before I became size 16 woman!)

So, I figure I’ve probably got my money’s worth (four wears, £1.99 dress = 50p per wear… not great, but I’ve had worse!) and am going to wash, iron, and pop it on ebay to find a new, more appreciative home. This is the beauty of fashion – we live, we try, we fail, sometimes we keep trying far too long before we’ll admit defeat… but eventually (for the most part) we learn!


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