Wishlist: skirt & cardi

Yup, another from Fever designs. Isn’t she lovely!

Austen skirt: £60.50

And wouldn’t she look even lovelier with this Forever 21 cardi (humour me – pretend it’s white and navy rather than black…), as seen on wwepw blog and therefore, naturally, on the set of Glee:

Silhouette cardi: £18 /$28 from Forever 21
(currently showing as out of stock)

Damnit I wish we had Forever 21 in this country. I need this cardi now!!


7 thoughts on “Wishlist: skirt & cardi

  1. Okay, I’m just sayin’ here, but I can get you a discount on that skirt. I am a bad, baaaaad influence. Anyway, I think black and navy look fine together! Also, I think if you get the tones right I think purple and red can look cool together as well….but it might be that I have bad taste! 😉

  2. You are a bad influenece – but even with discount I don’t think I could afford the skirt just now. Thank you though hon – you’re very sweet.

    As for red and purple, I think it depends on the tones. My purple is a bit too cold for the red I wear – needs to be a warmer shade to work with my shoes/boots. Black and blue can definitely work, but again, maybe not the shade of navy on this skirt, which looks steel-toned to me…

    Unfortunately it doesn’t matter anyway, as that cardigan will clearly never be mine… *sob*


  3. You’re right on the skirt but I’ll keep an eye out for it on the sample rail in the shop – they didn’t have too much of their SS10 stock on display when I was in the store on Tuesday but it will come through soonish, as will the samples. I’m going to make full use of working on Piccadilly in the next few months to go there as often as possible!

    I agree with you about the shade of purple of your coat, and you do have to get the tones just right 🙂 Today I am wearing bright pink, black and dark purple though so co-ordination clearly not too high on my agenda! x

  4. Oh! Oh! I want that skirt SO much! I’m going to add it to my wish list and hope it gets reduced at some point in the future – so pretty, and I’m absolutely obsessed with navy at the moment!
    I SO shouldn’t have looked at your blog today 🙂

  5. I was just browsing around, looking for inspiration for my birthday wishlist on myregistry.com, when I stumbled upon your blog. That skirt must be mine! First item on wishlist, check!

  6. Sigh. I had never heard of Fever. Now I’ve looked at their website and have a big fit of the covets. See what you’ve done?! Good thing we’re going to London tomorrow… 🙂

  7. Ok, I must ‘fess up that I had avoided Glee for a while as I thought I would absolutely hate it – as a rule, I hated musicals and then the list of exceptions got larger (Cabaret, Once More With Feeling, Dr Horrilbe, Wicked, I even have a soft spot for A Chorus Line for some reason!) and I succumbed and am now a fully fledged Gleek if ever I saw one!

    I adore Emma Pillsbury’s style, and that cardigan is beyond amazing – such a shame that it’s sold out! I feel a trawl on Ebay for Forever 21 is order…

    A x

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