Valentines reminder

As if you needed a reminder! It’s everywhere – you can’t MISS it. Magazines are telling you what to buy, M&S are telling you what to eat, the blogosphere are telling you what to wear… if you’re not “one half of a whole” this week of the year can feel painfully exclusive.

As someone who was in a relationship for nigh on 8 years I just wanted to take this little opportunity to remind my fellow singletons something about this mother of all non-holidays. And it’s not that it’s just an excuse for retailers to rob consumers blind, that it’s commercialist crap or that it’s only purpose is to make us feel bad…

I wanted to remind you all that couples? Don’t really care about Valentine’s day.

The Ex and I used to have rules in place about this one. The card had to be homemade (quick note to the menfolk: a piece of A4 paper, folded over and covered in biro kisses does not fall into the “acceptable” handmade card category – particularly if you claim to want to be a cartoonist some day… the wrath of the woman on the receiving end of such a card will not be pretty!). And any gifts had to cost under a fiver. But when it came down to it, it was all tokenistic, and personally always made me feel dirty and used. (Clarification: by the retailers, not the ex!)

So this weekend, when you’re crying into your scatter cushions and contemplating a Bridget Jones/Celine Dion moment just bear in mind that those couples you’re enviously wishing you were a part of? Are probably sharing a bottle of wine and a curry in front of a movie exactly as they do every Saturday/Sunday night! (And they’ve probably had a row about biro kisses into the bargain!)

Happy cupid’s weekend!


7 thoughts on “Valentines reminder

  1. Hehe! We will indeed by spending the evening curled up in front of a chick flick of some sort, with a chinese takeaway or similar!

    We do give each other gifts & a card, but they are just token pressies really. I am making him breakfast in bed though!

  2. Yes, a night like any other night 🙂
    We’re both terrible with anniversaries, birthdays and the usual romantic ocasions.
    We like to treat ourselves whenever we feel like it(and can do it) and are very happy about it.

  3. I think this is a wonderful post!! I have giggled through it, possibly due to knowing certain situations in both our pasts!! Love you baby, many internet kisses – just as cheap but full of meaning!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I also think this is a great post xxxxxxxx
    Through my life…single…married..single again 😀 …cohabiting..married again..I have always felt its a load of nonsense.
    Love is not something to celebrate 1 day surely…infact its a load of bullshit (sorry Saturday night wine speaking!!) I have friends who whinge all year that their partners aren’t ‘romantic’ and never say I love you yet get elaborate gifts for St V’s ..well that makes everything right hmm??
    So tomorrow will be just another day here…in fact I think the ‘girl’ gene bypassed me as its our 1st wedding anniversary
    in under a month and I have laid down ground card no presents..just a meal out without kids!!!
    Also you mentioned M&S – did you notice its just their usual £10 dine in deal with chocs or a rose for an extra tenner….cynical …moi?!?!?!?

  5. exactly. . .we had the same fight we have every few weeks, then worked it out and went and had Japanese food. I still haven’t given him the card I got at the dollar store!

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