I woke up at 5am with that feeling I can only describe as alike to having the brightest light you can imagine shone deep into your eyeballs until they melt and/or explode. Yes indeed, I awoke to one of my rare migraines.

It actually started last night. I fell asleep on the sofa about 7.30pm and awoke just before 9am to my common pre-migraine “spots” – you know when you rub your eyes so hard that you can only see bright points of coloured light? – and nausea. I went to bed hoping against hope that it would run its course while I slept, but clearly no migraine is satisfied until it has actually made me feel its full force. So I attempted to sleep it off until mid-afternoon. I’ve now passed the “hide head under four dark blankets to ensure no light reaches mine eyes and sleep stage” and am left with the nausea and a sort of lightheaded residual ache. Still, I didn’t throw up this time, which is a bonus!

If you’d like to read something a bit more, y’know, interesting, pop over to the SMB blog to watch a video of me making jiao zi (Chinese dumplings). Yesterday was Chinese new year, so if you feel like giving these bad boys a go the recipe’s there too.


5 thoughts on “Migraine

  1. Bless your heart! Dave gets them, and I’ve only ever had one in my life – thankfully Shauna was on hand. 10 minutes of massaging pressure points in my feet and hands, and it was gone without a trace! Hope you feel better soon!

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