Probably not best worn out with my slippers!

A good two years ago I wrote a guest post for The Fashion Police about how fashion fickle I am. You see, often I will see a look on the catwalk, mock it to excess, swear blind that you’d never catch me wearing it… and give in a few weeks or months later when I’ve acclimatised myself to the shape and style. Such is my relationship with leggings.

My issues with leggings stem partly from the fact that I wore them as a uniform the last time they were fashionable, mostly in bright colours (pink, yellow and orange stripes, anyone?) and with oversized Naf Naf t-shirts. I was 10, maybe 11 at the time, and tend not to want to relive fashion mistakes from my childhood…

There’s also the fact that people like Lindsay Lohan have been seen wearing leggings as trousers. As in camel-toe-crotch baring, with short tops. And that to me is the chief in sartorial crimes.

But a couple of weeks ago Nat came to stay and was wearing a mini-dress over leggings and boots. And she looked so good, I was inspired! Not least because I’m fed up of layering tights to create the same kind of effect… so I invested a wary Β£5.99 in a cotton pair from H&M basics, which I finally pulled on after a long hard days work with an oversized cable sweater I bought two years ago and haven’t yet worn.

And that’s it. I’m a convert. The comfort factor is immense! And, while this sweater didn’t work as a dress or as a top over jeans, over leggings it shows off my legs without looking indecent. I think.

I may have found a new wardrobe staple. Which proves the old adage that, when shopping, you should never rule anything out…

Except jumpsuits maybe. Unless you’re Lauren.


7 thoughts on “Leggings

  1. I was exactly the same – the main reason I bought mine was because I had to use up all my birthday vouchers and I thought, why the hell not! I am in need of another pair now as I love them sooooooooo much! I’m not brave enough to wear them with just a jumper yet, but under skirts, dresses (and even under jeans to keep warm) I think they are a worthwhile investment for all!!


  2. Yes, I do the same.First I snobed leggings but then I saw so many people wearind them with dress and theylooked soo cute that I tried and loved it, especially because they are more resistent than thights.
    Angie at youlookfab always talk of adjusting yourself to the trends and now I’m a believer.
    I wonder what I’ll say I will never wear next πŸ˜‰

  3. I think leggings are a great (and warmer) alternative to tights, but I wouldn’t wear them with just a sweater as short as that one. I love them under a miniskirt or a sweater dress though.

  4. I think I’ve said this before, but I’m a total convert to leggings, and they’ve definitely become a wardrobe staple for me – I will quite happily wear them with sweaters of a similar length to yours, and they’ve also allowed me to start wearing some shorter dresses than I can usually get away with, so I like them for that reason to. (Somehow they feel indecent even with tights, but totally different with leggings. No idea why) Anyway, they get the thumbs up from me. With you on the jumspuits, though πŸ™‚

  5. About 15 – 20 years ago we were all wearing sweaters / long sweat shirts with ski pants and thought nothing of it. The only difference was the stirrup foot and like leggings, they were so comfortable! x

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