What I wore to the ballet. I thought I looked demure, but am now concerned that my Step-Dad suggested to my Mum I might attract an older man, what with my style being so much more “mature” than other girls my age. For the record, this stems from the fact that my Step-Dad has recently decided I need match-making, and he might be the man for the job…

When I got back into Leamington tonight the snow was really coming down, and the streets were thick with slush. I was wearing my slippiest shoes, it not having been remotely snowy when I left for Stafford yesterday, and getting back to the flat took a lo-o-ong time!

As I came along Tachbrook Street in the half-light I saw three chav lads coming along the pavement towards me. I stepped up the pavement to let them pass, but as I stepped back to centre-footpath I missed my footing, slipped and fell. I waited for the sound of laughter to reach my ears.

Two of the lads turned and shouted in unison:

“F*@k, are you alright, love?”

The third was already at my side, picking me and my bags up off the ground.

I complain so often on here about unchivalrous, ill-mannered, inconsiderate behaviour. I just wanted to share this little incident with you to remind myself that the world isn’t ever as bad as it seems. It really brightened my evening!

(Swan Lake post to follow.)


11 thoughts on “Gentlemen

  1. Can’t make out the shade of the dress… is it black or blue? Black reads “older” than blue, particularly in velvet, which is what that appears to be. and the tights young the look down, if you’d worn plain tights it’d be frumpy.

    • It’s black, but not velvet – it’s actually kinda silky fabrics with uneven hems layered – the light at my mum’s house doesn’t pick up the detail very well.

      I agree that plan tights would have been frumpy. My problem is that I have a very young face – I often get asked for ID – so dress a bit older to try to compensate. Things like the lace tights are my way of making the outfit a bit funkier!

  2. In our local paper this week – a group of teenage males break a girl’s leg by throwing a rubbish bin at her from a moving car. It was an unprovoked, random attack.

    Stories like yours bring a lump to my throat.

    • That’s HORRIBLE. But not as shocking as it probably should be.

      Brought a lump to my throat too – And really did make me beam for the entire evening! I didn’t even sulk at the fact that my fall had broken and wasted two perfectly good bottles of red wine I was carrying at the time!

  3. I think you look absolutely lovely and I don’t agree you’d attract “older men”. I agree with Turtle about your choices – you’ve kept the outfit “young”.
    Also, hearing about the young men really gave me a happy smile!

  4. That is good! Both times I have fallen over in public some kind souls have stopped to help. The postman did on Monday and when I fell over on the platform at Marylebone two nice men picked me up and got me safely on to my train. People are usually pretty kind, even if they don’t always show it. The other day a man saved me from falling over on the tube, even though I had stepped on his feet! On another note, I like what you’re wearing and think the tights are great, but beware of matchmakers!

  5. no no no no no no no no no! Do not let your step dad anywhere near your love life!!!! That sounds like potentially the worst idea on record – ever!

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