Ok, I’m just gonna type and publish as quickly as possible because electronics and I are NOT getting on today! It might be the snow, I don’t know, but I had no broadband OR TV when I got in this evening, and since service has been a little on the “interrupted” side since I just want to get my outfit pic out there and crack open a bottle of red!

So I should probably stop waffling, yes?


4 thoughts on “Waffle

  1. I blame virgin. Our broadband and phone have been knackered this week!!! I wouldn’t try the landline at the moment if you need me, it just rings out with nothing on this side – it seems to be dead and the helpful lady on the ‘helpline’ (very dubious) just says theres a ‘fault in the area’ and to wait! humph. Nxx

    • Oh, I get that woman too “We are sorry you are experiencing a fault in the … CV31 …. area. Our technicians are working on the problem and hope to have it fixed soon.” Unfortunately it takes so bloody long to GET to that woman I’m already screaming at the phone before her smug, annoying voice assaults mine ears…


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