Blogging friends

I often refer to various blogging friends of mine – Kate at All Five Horizons, Lauren at A Typical Atypical, Roisin at Dolly Clackett, and so forth…. But it occurred to me this weekend that more and more of my “real life” friends are going online. So I thought I’d point you toward two of the latest additions to the blogosphere, in case either (or both!) of them should tickle your fancy!

The Writer Side of Life
You’ve all heard me talk of my wonderful Nat before, and this year she has impressed me enormously by taking a year out to indulge her inner author. She’s done an impressive amount of work, and started blogging her experiences, not just as a record of the ups and downs of writing, but as a daily exercise to help lift writer’s block. She also offers a “word of the day” feature that is very interesting if you’re a bit of a linguaphile as I am!

Mad Yankee
Another university friend of mine, Christie, often comments on here and is also a distance member of sew make believe. She has begun to blog about the trials and tribulations of life as a new mother, as well as on more general topics. Her open, honest telling of her experience of giving birth had me in tears, yet there’s a lace of humour to a lot of her content that is refreshingly warming.

Go, read, comment… enjoy!


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