Cie time

Firstly, a quick question… why was my usually empty train so damned busy this morning? What is it about Monday that makes everyone so eager to get an early start?

It wasn’t strictly light when I left for work this morning, but it was definitely getting there… Leaving the flat is so much easier in the pre-light – in every possible way: Opening my door onto the black hole that is my communal hallway and searching frantically for the light switch while trying not to trip up the step I know is there becomes so much simpler with the hint of daybreak.

I can’t wait for my mornings to be fully light, it being so much easier to trick my body into thinking it’s not the middle of the night if it’s light outside. And before anyone corrects me, 6am IS the middle of the night, as is anything before nine…

When I’m Queen of the World you’ll all learn the true meaning of flexible working hours (i.e. whatever suits you), although core will naturally switch onto “Cie time”. I’ve never understood why shops insist on being open the very hours they know we’re all stuck in offices anyway – I personally feel 11-7 would be infinitely more sensible.

Of course, my bank manager would probably disagree…


6 thoughts on “Cie time

  1. You do realise you are going to have to compete with Steve for “Queen of the World”, yes I know what I wrote. But, despite his many extremist policies of birth control and morons etc, his day times maybe relatively similar! Nxxx

      • But I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the revised working hours, what with having been killed in the first wave of the “moron” cull, and if that one missed me, in the “fat” cull that followed.

        Steve and I have discussed this. I wouldn’t escape on either count!


        • Just a quick question… has he thought through who’s going to make him tea if he’s killed us all off for being stupid? Because no-one smart enough to be left alive is going to be willing to run tea-duty.

          Also, as he once told me the only person he knew who was anywhere near as smart as him is Owen he might end up very lonely, and possibly committing fratricide…

          I wouldn’t vote for Steve anyway, I’d vote for me. I’ll make important changes, like refusing little old ladies access to m&s during my lunch break…


  2. 11 – 7?? Oh I’ll follow you to the end of the world My Queen!!


    (Sorry I’ve not been a regular commenter since first commenting… hasn’t been for lack of wanting … only lack of time!)

  3. I would make all carriages on trains quiet coaches apart from one, the noisy twat carriage. And there would be enforcers on the train. You can borrow that policy if you want though, I don’t think I’m politically minded enough to campaign to be Queen of the World πŸ™‚

    And you’re right about shops, how can I spend my money buying their dresses/shoes if they are closed when I have free time?!

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