My Girl…

On the red carpet – love this pic!
Borrowed from The Guardian BAFTAs 2010 live blog.

You may remember me mentioning how much I love Carey Mulligan about a bazillion times before on here. You might have caught on thanks to the blog post dedicated to her starring role in An Education last September, or from my endless praise of Dr Who episode Blink in which she played the marvellous Sally Sparrow. I thinks she’s talented, beautiful, engaging and from what I’ve seen, an all-round good egg! So you can imagine how chuffed I was that she won Best Actress at last night’s BAFTAs!

Winning smile! Photo borrowed from The Sun

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to send her my warmest congratulations and say how proud we are to have home grown talent win acclaim on an international level! Good work Carey, looking forward to your next role!


4 thoughts on “My Girl…

  1. ah! wasn’t she lovely??
    I thought of you whilst watching the bafta’s last night. I remember your love of Carey from previous posts…. well I say watching…. hubby and I were having a bit of a bitch fest (did you not consider washing your hair Kristen?? who stole your personality RPat as you spoke like a droid!! You know that kind of thing!!)
    She was most definately the most beautiful, best dressed (sigh – that dress……) female there 🙂

  2. It suddenly dawned on me last night where I knew her from, I couldn’t remember her from Blink, but it’s the ITV adaptation of Northanger Abbey, she plays isabella. Can’t remember why we were talking about her now! I think wine and Glee were involved! Nxxx

  3. Oh I love her! She is so cute and gamine, not to mention uber talented…though I do have a slight tendency to hate her for bagging the delicious Shia Le Beouf, but I’m willing to let it slide for the stunning dress she wore yesterday! I’m nothing if not generous, me!

    A x

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