I had to dress smartly for work today because I knew I’d be going straight from there to my monthly Soroptimist dinner meeting this evening. This dress is indeed a smart option… as long as I haven’t been sitting down in it for, oh I don’t know, say two hours of commute and 8 hours of working day. Because as pretty as it is, it creases like crazy! So the whole plan kinda backfired…

I have a real urge to clear out my closet just now. I’m getting impatient for Spring, and want to chuck out all the winter warmers I haven’t worn this year to make room for some Spring floral prints and flimsier frocks! Not to mention a few EP-inspired pieces I’s got mah eye on! 😉

In other news I’m compiling a poll for you to help me choose what to wear out this weekend. My new shoes will DEFINITELY be making an appearance (even if I can barely walk in them…) but the choice is between mini dress and leggings (new!) or old faithful (rather plunging) LBD that has answered every occasion since, I dunno, the dawn of Cie time! It’s really a question of legs or cleavage! So look out for that tomorrow…


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