Black or blue?

Ok, let’s just pretend I’d actually brushed my hair/ put on make-up
before I took these…

Ok, the promised poll. For Elena’s birthday a few of us are going for dinner and drinks in the centre of Manchester. The question is, do I go a bit fierce, mini, show off my legs in a dress that makes me look a teeny bit like my bust is a shelf I could eat my cereal off… or flash a bit of hour glass and cleavage in safe and repetitive old faithful and enjoy the warmth of tights encasing my feet?

The choice is yours, lovely readers!

(Well actually it’s mine, but I promise to take the majority vote into account!)


14 thoughts on “Black or blue?

  1. Wowwowwow – that black dress is STUNNING on you πŸ™‚ I love the blue one too, but if your weather is anything like as cold as ours I’m thinking your feet will possibly match your dress by the end of the evening, so I think tights are probably a good idea!

  2. I think you should save the blue one for better weather – even with leggings, your ankles and feet will get cold and maybe blotchy because of it. The black is super sexy – roaw!!!

  3. I voted blue because I think it is a good thing for you to go brave, but I have to admit I am not convinced on the leggings. Perhaps black tights would be a better option? That would kep your feet warm you see!


  4. I love them both but I’m siding with Lauren on this one – be brave and go fierce! Though saying that, you may freeze in leggings and the black one is mighty fierce too! I’m a leggings and cute dress girl myself, and those shoes are amazing!

    A x

  5. Love the leggings they are very flattering but not sure about the mini – I don’t think it does much for you although I can’t work out what it is about it I don’t like.
    Love the shoes; I thought you didn’t like that style!
    Black dress shows your figure off really
    PS. I have voted!

  6. I like the blue, think its a really cute outfit, but Cie you are absolutely drop dead in the black! So stunning, with some cleavage lady!!! Sumptuous and sexy, definitely!!!!! Nxxx

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