Clear out!

New dress! Bought in a charity shop yesterday…
It’s a Next size 12. Go figure!

(Why was everyone on my train again this morning? Just because the mornings are finally light doesn’t mean everyone should start getting up earlier. I mean seriously people, GET OFF MY TRAIN!

Damned commuters…)

Next time I have a day off (I think I have a free Saturday coming up in April…) I’m going to have a HUGE wardrobe clearout. I’m going to pool all my clothes on the bed and sort them into four piles: to keep; to store; to charity shop; to ebay. If it’s a winter item I haven’t worn this year, it’s going. If it doesn’t really fit exactly as I’d like it to, it’s done. If I’ve never worn it (ok, with a couple of frock shaped exceptions) it’s outta here! Theoretically I will then have space in my wardrobe to actually see the rest of my clothes, and to hang them rather than folding carefully on the shelves screwing them up in a ball!


12 thoughts on “Clear out!

    • Yes – I think you’re right, and I also have a mid-width red belt I think will work… Quite pleased with the skinny belt that came with though – am short on skinny belts!

  1. I love the dress! You need a nice big glittery brooch on it, but the shape really suits you. What a find! Also, that wardrobe sorting out idea… I did that a few months ago… It doesn’t work lol!

  2. I LOVE your outfit!!!! And when clear out comes, any chance there might be a small ‘Natalie’ pile?? We could always do a swap day if you like? Nxxx

    • You know you always get first pick baby! No jeans this time round I’m afraid… I do need new ones, but only because I’ve patched mine twice already…


      P.S. As far as swap day goes, I was wondering about doing an SMB swap day – it is in keeping with out alterations/make do and mend element!

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