Poll, Part 2

Ok all, it seems 75% of you preferred the black to the blue – and quite sensibly too considering the snow we’ve encountered this week!

So now I’m throwing another, less revealing option into the mix. Just in case anyone feels I should be covering up… and also because I now actually LOVE this skirt!


10 thoughts on “Poll, Part 2

  1. I’m abstaining, because both outfits are fab! I find that there are days when I want to go all-out with the cleavage, and days when I want to be a little more demure – if you’re the same then it looks like you have a really good option for both moods. x

    • I think that’s pretty much exactly how it is – some days I feel cleavalicious and other days I just feel exposed…

      I hate to admit this on here, but there may be another option that will blow the rest out of the water – for my own comfort factor at least…

      Will see how I feel tomorrow xx

  2. Did you know that in public polls it’s a fact that 75% of people don’t have a clue about what they are voting on? FACT!

    Its also a fact that the blue dress was a clear winner and “old Faithful” should be sent back to the wardrobe to think about what its done. Its been very, very bad.

    Do you really want to go out wearing something that you yourself have called “Old Faithful”?! That sounds like a 15 year old dog that dribbles and has terminal fleas.

    Blue dress. Winner. I’m alway right.

    • Jimbo, we’ve had this discussion before – believing you’re always right and actually being right are two very different things! 😀

      Anyway, how dare you turn up on this here blog after all this time and insult my readers! My readers have taste and style and a better understanding than you do of just how BLOODY FREEZING strappy shoes can be!

      But I promise, when we do another pink penguins event come Spring proper, I will wear the blue. Especially for you!

      See you tomorrow xx

  3. its nothing to do with covering up, its to do with the fact that you look sooooooooooooooo amazing in the LBD. So wish I had that as a staple outfit. Looks like you have spent ages maticulously planning the outfit! Boobs, look fab!! Just to be crass!


  4. That’s far too difficult… I love both of them. I’d probably still go for the black for an evening out though because it’s just that bit sexier… but both of them are really flattering and look great on you.

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