The birthday girl and I!

Ok, so I know you’re all dying to know which dress I finally went for last night…

And the winner is…

None of them!

Nope, after all that I ended up wearing my beloved Karen Millen dress (an ebay bargain that has paid it’s cost back a dozen times over…). I had my hair loose, but not having got an outfit shot before going out, had to take this when I got back to Le Spa this afternoon. I therefore have wet hair, having just stepped out of the shower, hence the bun! Still,this way you can better see the neckline of the dress.

We had a lovely night out, dinner at a cheap little Italian restaurant where I had a lovely marinara pizza with salty, melty anchovies – NOM! I can rarely find a good marinara pizza, so was very pleased, even though I did almost choke on a fish bone… Then drinks in Lime bar, where Elena sampled birthday cocktails, before retiring home for cake in our pajamas. A very civilised and very amusing night out!


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