Look out hell, the ice age cometh

When I went to Matalan on Friday lunchtime I went for a specific purpose. I went to buy cardis – getting a little fed up of wearing my black ones over and over – and to try on this shirt, which I’d seen and thought really pretty. The last thing I expected to buy – on Friday or EVER – was skinny jeans.

These, however, were a fiver, and too good to pass over. And actually, I already love them!


12 thoughts on “Look out hell, the ice age cometh

    • My thighs probably frighten small children, but in this particular pair of skinnies I just can’t seem to care!!

      Also, only to be worn with long tops and tunics for me personally – as you can see in the pic, at one point my thighs suddenly double in width, and if that’s on display there’s something very wrong! 😀

  1. You look great! I too succumbed to the sirens’ call of the skinny jeans. The key for me was to try on some with a higher waist (rise) because there is nothing less appealing than a 2 month postpartum woman in a pair of low rise jeans (skinny or not!) I get lots of compliments on how amazed people are at my after baby body. My response is always that they haven’t seen me naked. If you know what you are doing, you can hide a multitude of sins with the right clothes!

    You look fab! Way to rock those skinnies!

    • Yeah, these are a little on the low rise side, but with a belt they stay up, and I’m mostly wearing them over tunny cincher knickers anyway!!

      As for hiding a multitude of sins – I think I might be a pro on that count! 😀

  2. Ok I am in slight shock. Firstly, you own jeans. Secondly, they’re skinny ones. Thirdly, I think I have that shirt. Finally – you are rocking the skinny jean Cie! (though I am not in shock about that one!)

    A x

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