Firstly, good news everyone! It was light when I left today and twilight when I got home! Victory!

There’s a scene in Friends wherein, trying to explain his feelings for Janice, Joey describes wanting to rip off his arm and throw it at her. And this is exactly how I feel when a certain two girls get on my bus in the morning.

I have no idea what it is about these particular girls that grates. Maybe it’s the nuances of their accents or their particular pitch and tone. Either way, the hyperbole of their inane jabber sets my teeth right on edge, and leaves me with my jaw clamped in irritation until the bus is full enough for other chatter to drown them out.

I’m so not a morning person!


10 thoughts on “Passengers

  1. I’ve also made it to the other side of what seemed like a winter that would go on until summer. What a good feeling.

    I LOVE your outfit.

  2. I thought of you this morning when I was walking to the station, because it was light. Unfortunately, I’ve only just made it home (a very busy day in London) so I didn’t have the joy of coming home in the light – but will do soon! I see you’re rocking the pencil skirt also – I like! x

  3. Cute outfit! πŸ™‚

    The game I play is “do I need headlights after work”? And delay turning them on as long as possible. As my daily train gets closer and closer to the park ‘n ride where I leave my car I anxiously scan the skies – will I make it in time?

    I admit, sometimes I fudge it a bit. Probably needed my lights last week.

  4. I am with you on the srping feeling!! Lighter morings and evenings and blue skysall round. As for the bus issue – public transport is one of he banes of life we get lumped with!! im just relived that here in London people are too grumpy to talk to eachother on the tube so at least we get peace and quiet!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours will be adding to my feed :o) xx

    • Hooray, and thanks for stopping by mine! πŸ˜€

      I guess the one nice thing about public transport is that it provides me with some great blog fodder…


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