second hand shopper’s guide to monitor destruction

I’m losing the will to live.

Back in 2007 I abandoned my restrictive blogspot account in favour of an intuitive wordpress blog. I loved its simplicity, its potential for creativity, the ease with which a relative novice like myself could explore, discover and utilise its functionality… And I haven’t looked back since.

Until I started in my new role.

The internal marketing blog at work runs on typepad. It is password protected, what with having all our internal marketing documents available – we don’t want to be sharing state secrets with the enemy – and lots of our readers have put in requests for an internal search function, which, now that the blog falls under my remit, I need to follow up…

Because we’re password protected, Google can’t crawl us, so that rules the easy option out. Actually, it rules a lot of options out, as most search sites can’t access our content. I’ve tried two that claim to access password protected content, one of which tells me the URL doesn’t exist, and the other returning ZERO results, but offers no help in the FAQs or otherwise to deal with the problem. If I search the help section for “password protected” results it returns 4, which all link through to “page not found”. Which, rather than helping in any way at all makes me want to PUT MY FRUSTRATED FIST THROUGH MY MONITOR.


Any typepad users out there able to save my monitor the three storey jump onto car-park concrete?


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