Ringing the changes

Once every year there’s a moment of pure magic in my life. I never know when it’s going to arrive, and that unexpected element is part of its charm. As a child it was the first glimpse of snowdrops and crocuses in the garden. As a teenager it was leaving school to the realisation that the warmth of the sun finally outweighed the chill factor in the air. At university it was walking down the street and catching the first scent of blossom. And during my 5 years in Newcastle it was spotting the first Spring flower-vendors setting up shop on street corners with their tulips and daffs at 49p a bunch.

This week, Spring has truly sprung in Oxford. Monday and Tuesday saw bright, chill sunshine that had me dying to abandon my desk in favour of countryside walks. And yesterday, at the green grocer’s in the Cowley Centre, I saw the first of the season’s daffs (79p a bunch down here!). In March, daffs are officially my favourite flowers – the rest of the year tulips pip the post, but nothing brings in the sunshine like a bright sunny jug of daffodils on the windowsill.

With the arrival of these bright symbols I feel a true lifting of spirit, something I’ve been desperate for of late. After months of dark, dull, cold misery the world offers new opportunities, seems pregnant with potential. And as someone who suffers to a degree from S.A.D, I’m never happier than when we can finally say farewell to winter and welcome in spring!

I’ll definitely be treating myself to some daffs at the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Ringing the changes

  1. I love daffs – I once spent £10 of hundreds of daffs and decked out the entire living room of our student house before my birthday party, using cut off coke bottles as vases. I was living in Cardiff at the time so it went down well! I hadn’t thought through what to do with them afterwards – I was going home the next day for the hols – so ended up giving them out as party bags.

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