Snap shots

What I Wore: shopping in Oxford on Saturday for Lauren’s birthday
I did get some bargains which will be revealed in due course.

What I Wore: Lauren’s birthday drinks, Saturday night.
We had a lovely night out, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give my beautiful vintage 60s dress and 80s handbag an outing! The unusual shape of this dress – a classic shift with a cape from the waist – makes it a pleasure to wear and a real crowd-pleaser!

It was a beautiful, bright March day today, and my bus ride into Stratford played out like a series of snap shots, perfectly lit by the sunshine’s golden rays. On Vialli’s corner, a couple of girls stood deep in conversation midway through their respective “walk of shame”. Wiped clean of make-up with heels in hand and over-sized Converse on their feet, rather than trashy they looked somehow fresh and youthful, even vibrant. Further down the road, a young man sat on the steps of a boarded-up building reading his newspaper, at once framed and dwarved by yester-year’s grand architecture.

At Warwick, an elegant old lady boarded the bus, her thick white hair neatly chignoned, sunglasses framing a perfectly powdered and rouged face and the collar of her cream wool coat turned up against the pert breeze. She scanned the bus, ignored the abundance of empty seats, and scooted in beside a handsome young man in a suit. I couldn’t help but smile inwardly and silently congratulate her obvious cheek – even if the poor fella did look rather uncomfortable!


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