I look decidedly less grouchy than I felt here!
Ugh – mornings.

I have nothing particularly exciting or interesting to share today, so let me tell you about a shop I discovered between work and cocktails on Friday night!

134 Cowley Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1JE

Reign is a second hand shop offering a selection of very reasonably priced vintage with retro pieces and modern funky jewelery. I was sold as soon as I saw the fabulous 70s patchwork-print fit-n-flare skirt in the window, but when I told the sales assistant I was looking for fierce-meets-little old lady and she informed me she understood exactly what I meant because her look was Dot-Cotton-meets-Minnie-Mouse (and seriously, I could immediately see where she was coming from!) they had me hook, line and sinker!

A great variety of 60s, 70s and 80s pieces (men’s and women’s), accessories (a particularly great line in gloves and hats) and some unusual costume pieces. Worth the walk – or bus fare!


4 thoughts on “Grouch

  1. I hear you on the morning thing. I am NOT a morning person either. And Monday mornings are the worst by far. Cute boots, are they flat?

  2. I love fierce – meets- little-old-lady. I’m now trying to figure out how I would sum up my look. Maybe 50s-housewife-meets-goth-rock-chick?

    This had also got me thinking about that Trinny and Susannah book -who do you want to be today? Don’t pick one look for inspiration, pick two or more and combine for maximum fun.

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