The inevitable Oscar Frocks post

I’m not going to do a full-on Oscar’s gowns round-up, partly because the likes of The Nod do it so much more thoroughly than I could, and partly because, if I’m entirely honest, very little actually blew me away this year!

All images borrowed from the Times Online, Vogue and NY Daily News

I thought Carey Mulligan looked wonderfully quirky (sorry Amber – but knives, forks and cogs!!) and elfin in a way that she should definitely be playing up to while she’s young – a sort of chip off the Cameron Diaz block! Meanwhile, the tone of Molly Ringwald’s purple gown was absolutely perfect for her colouring and held true regal depth. And I felt Kristen Stewart actually got it right for, well, the first time EVER! I think the moral of that story is that she’s quite classically beautiful, and trying to capture her youth in “edgy” (sorry again Amber!) style choices is less effective than tapping into her natural fresh-faced vibrancy. Other favourites included Amanda Seyfried, Cameron Diaz, Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey.

But Marvellous Maggie took the biscuit for me! The colours in this dress, the column shape, and the easy elegance with which she is standing – she’s absolutely glowing here! She looks comfortable in her skin and her heels and just effortlessly divine!

For the record, I thought Sandra Bullock looked amazing too – and I’m not usually a fan of her red carpet choices. But if you’re going to get it right once in your career, the night on which you win Best Actress is definitely the one to go for!

UPDATE: I’ve just looked back over this post and realised how refreshingly untanned everyone looks (except for Cameron, but she’s a California girl)! Not pale or ill, but porcelain doll-like (not the scary type).


12 thoughts on “The inevitable Oscar Frocks post

  1. I agree about Kristen Stewart – I thought that dress is lovely on her. I also adore Maggie’s dress – apparently the designer is one of her favourites and he designed her wedding dress too.

    • I must admit, can’t work out whether Kristen looks that much better because of the frock or because of the fact she’s ALMOST smiling… šŸ˜€ xx

  2. I love amanda seyfried’s dress – beautiful in every sense of the word! Also, these pics are a lesson in how publicists and stylists make you stand on the red carpet!! Heehee! Nxxx

  3. I agree with you about Maggie and Sandra, although some have criticised them for me they were 2 of the best looks of the night.
    Kate Winslet looked great (if not that daring), too.

    Amanda Seyfried’s dress is pretty, if a bit plain-coloured, but in close-ups it kinda seems to have the texture of bubble wrap…

    I think Carey looks lovely (I’m from Sheffield, so cutlery FTW) but I would have liked the front of the dress to be more conventional and reach the floor.

    • Loved Kate Winslet’s hair, make-up and the colour of the outfit, but not so much the cut of the skirt. I’ve seen her in better.

      I didn’t like Amanda Seyfried’s that much until I saw it side-on and saw the train – it was a bit wedding dressy in some ways, but it really seems to suit her personality! I think it’s too easy for her to look frothy and the structure balances it out.

      Know EXACTLY what you mean about the unfortunate bubble-wrap texture though. šŸ˜¦

      See, I like the shorter front – I think she’s right to dress it up while she’s young enough to get away with it! Plus, although many people have criticised her heavy shoes I think they’re rocking – very in-keeping with the cleverly embellished dress!

  4. Yes, I like Carey’s shoes too and admire that she’s experimenting a bit (something Penelope Cruz could stand to do IMHO – doesn’t she almost always wear red?!)

    I actually came back to clarify that I’d only seen Kate’s top half before (from the podium) and got the impression her dress was lovely… have since seen the bottom half and… no. Nonono.

    Yep Amanda S’s was v. wedding dressy but I felt she just pulled it off. (Um, not literally.) JLo was wearing sth v similar but more fancy – too fancy for me.

    • Yes – Penelope C could really do with expanding beyond red & black!

      As for JLo’s dress… the shape gave the impression of curves, which she doesn’t exactly need! IMHO big, flouncy or over-structured dresses work best – if at all – on androgynous figures.

  5. There was not much amazingly good things going on last night. I thought Sarah Jessica Parker looked like a crazy person Chanel or not. Penelope Cruz’s was the dress that was my favorite. I’d like to have it for my next ball.

    I think Sandra Bullock’s lipstick stole the show.

    • I thought SJP’s dress was atrocious too! Everyone has been raving about it!

      Sandra Bullock’s lipstick – and refreshing “down-do” sleek hair were distinct show-stealers!

  6. Uh, I just reread what I wrote and the grammar is atrocious. It is always my fear that I’ll come off as an idiot on your blog. šŸ˜‰

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