Supermarket sweep

When I think of Tesco clothes I think of low price essentials from the basics range, throwaway weekend fashion from Cherokee and office essentials from Florence and Fred. The only problem with this is that I don’t actually own any of the above. My low price essentials come from Primark or H&M, my throwaway weekend fashion – well I don’t really do throwaway weekend fashion – and my office wear comes largely from the charity shop. I don’t do the suit/shirt/pinstripe thing, so that’s pretty much out.

There are, however two skirts in my wardrobe that ALWAYS receive compliments when I wear them. My turquoise pleated skirt, which was bought for £5 in the Tesco sale, and this satin twist-seam bubble skirt which I pulled off their sale rail for a measly 50p!

Yes, that’s right, 50p. You can collect your jaw off the floor now.

Both skirts have lovely movement to them, the turquoise being floaty and fluid and this having real swish appeal. Which is probably why I can never pass by a supermarket sale rail without checking out the bargains!


3 thoughts on “Supermarket sweep

  1. It amuses me to think that I too get more compliments on cheap Primark/Tesco clothes/shoes/accessories than things from the more expensive shops. My more recent Tesco purchases: Blue faux snakeskin ballet flats (love them so much that am worried about wearing them out), a floral cardigan, some belts and a cream cotton scarf.

  2. Both lovely items and suit you. I have several pieces from Tesco/Sainsbury/Asda which I simply love and never fail to get compliments on. Equally, I have seen some absolute monstrosities on the supermarket clothing rails. Just goes to show, having a good eye for shape, texture and colour is FAR more important than the label!

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