I will never understand what it is that makes intelligent, employable people incapable of realising the ill-logic of placing a dirty coffee spoon on a clean draining board. Seriously, people, apply a little common sense!

(Of course, on the days the dirty coffee spoon is on the draining board I also do a little dance of joy at the fact that there is actually a spoon IN the kitchen! Because I’m sure there must be some sort of a monster living deep in the bowels of the Macmillan complex who eats nothing but cutlery…)


7 thoughts on “Spoons

  1. Your outfit is, very clearly, fabulous!

    I am also ashamed to say that I am one of the teaspoon sideboard people. Basically, it’s laziness and the thought process is something along the lines that if I’m just going to use the same spoon to make tea again later, why waste water cleaning it until going home time? (Weird, I’m usually pretty clean and tidy) :0/

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