Ruby slippers

Yup, I’m having a Dorothy day.

On Saturday morning before the sit ‘n’ sew I stopped in at the post office and collected some parcels. One of them was from Corey, a regular commenter who has recently been told she shouldn’t be wearing high heels anymore. She’d bought these shoes a while back and not worn them, and wanted to send them to me!

Aren’t they pretty?

It turns our we’re exactly the same size – these fit like a glove – and they’re so pretty and shiny and RED!! Ruby red!

Thank you so much for my shoes Corey – I love them (and my little extras too – the notepad is already in my handbag, and the fashion crime tickets will come in very handy in the near future I’m sure!) and will be styling them up every which way I can think of! xx

So, my challenge to myself this week is to try to wear them almost every day. I say almost because I have a very exciting but non-heels-appropriate day tomorrow. Anyhow, voila my first outfit, including a top I bought a while back but couldn’t find a way to wear until now and the skirt I hemmed at last week’s sew make believe meeting.

I won’t be home til late tomorrow, but worry not, fair readers for I am a kindly blogger and will schedule a post showing my planned outfit shot. Am I good to you or what?! 😀


19 thoughts on “Ruby slippers

  1. I have to ask: why, in most of these pictures, are you looking pensively at the floor, as if you’re really impatient with the photographer and are ready to kick their ass if they insist on taking ONE more shot?

    • Well, since I’m my own photographer that’s probably truer than I’d like to admit…

      I’ve answered this one before. It’s because I look odd face on, and because I am more likely to get a shot first time if I’m looking down! My camera takes 3 on self-timer anyway. If I look down likelihood is one of three will come out ok!

  2. Fab shoes, what a lucky girl being gifted them! And I love the pencil skirt. You should wear that shape more often, it’s gorgeous on you!

  3. YAY!!! They look so great on you. And may I add that the style name printed on the inside of the shoe “Fabulous” is so fitting. Anyway, I am so pleased that they fit and that you like them. I look forward to seeing them again. Now, I’m on the hunt for some new flat red shoes for myself. 😉 I’m in love with these: but I’m not in love with the price. Waiting on a sale!

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