Like jello on springs

I think Amber might like this one…

I’ve been getting gradually more courageous with my pencil skirts of late. I began wearing a long cardi over them, and had written my grey skirt off as too tight unless worn with a longer top… but yesterday’s top fell just below my waist/mid hip and from the side was actually rather flattering, and this evening’s dress, well, let’s just say there’s nowhere to hide in it!

Whenever I’m self-conscious about being up and about in a pencil skirt now, rather than shuffle and hide I’ve begun to put a bit of extra strut into my step and replay this moment from Some Like It Hot in my head:

“Like jello on springs.”

Jelly wobbles, right? I can definitely do wobbly! 😀


17 thoughts on “Like jello on springs

  1. HOT, that is the only word. You look amazing, your curves are to die for and you could give Joan Holloway a run for her money in that. Beautiful girl x

    • Heee – know you’d like this one. It’s completely your colour. (Or, actually, probably OUR colour, since we have similar skin tone.) And a very Amber shape too – you do the pencil look well.

    • It is indeed – bought on our shopping trip to Oxford at the same time as the grey origami one I wore last week. I saved it especially to wear for the party! xx

    • I am very grateful! It was on a size 10 hanger – I didn’t know it was hiding as a size 14!

      Both those dresses we found are perfect fits; despite being in the “Scowly Centre”, that charity shop has yielded some spectacular finds for me since I started at Macmillan!


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