I had an amazing day yesterday! I mean, there were highs and lows, of course. Highs included:

  • sitting next to the kind of attractive young man I would always consider WAY out of my league only for him to flirt outrageously with me for the entire morning session
  • striding up to the bouncer and telling him outright I hadn’t got a full conference pass and getting the response of a wink and a nod through the gate
  • meeting the delightful Gemma Cartwright and unashamedly letting her look after me for the hour I was able to stay because, well frankly I’d had enough of networking for one day! (Thanks Gemma! x)

Lows included:

  • being given REALLY odd looks in the pub because – shock horror – I was eating a-l-o-n-e!!
  • Actually, that was the only low!

But, going back to the beginning, my day began, well, technically on the 6.49am to Marylebone, but seeing as I slept from 6.50am until arrival, and the tube journey was done in a sleepy haze, we’ll say it began on arrival at Southwark tube stop. Let’s just say that’s another part of London I feel I could live in! (My aversion to London shrinks a little with each visit…) It’s so pretty! The sun may have helped, but as I walked along Hatfields past occupied tennis courts at 8.40am I felt like I was in a community setting. It had none of the anonymous element London so often features, and that was nice!

Anyway, yes, Southwark, Hatfields – Silverpop session. It was great! Not so much the training session I was expecting, but a Social Media session, with really interesting speakers sharing their thoughts on new directions in marketing – I made lots of notes!

Silverpop ran over a little, so rather than hang around for refreshments I made a sharp exit and ran across town to Olympia for the Social Media World Forum. Ok, I’ll admit, the exhibition was disappointing, and for a conference supposedly at the cutting edge of technology, there were some real technological failures… but the two workshops I sat through were interesting enough – worth the free pass at least!

The last speaker finished about 4pm and I got out at about 4.30pm, leaving me a couple of hours to kill before I could consider going back across town to party. So, as any girl in my position would, I hit Kensington High Street for a jolly good browse! My only purchase, I’m proud to say, was a book I’ve been meaning to buy for a good while for £1.20, but this didn’t stint my window shopping in the least. At length I found myself in a comfy nook by the fire in a quiet-ish pub, munching on a caesar salad and garnering many an odd look…

After my salad I nipped into the ladies to attempt a quick change Clark Kent would’ve been impressed with, jumped on the tube once again and headed out to London Bridge for Domestic Sluttery‘s first birthday party!

I’ll confess, I was a little nervous about this. It was (another) part of London I don’t know, and I was meeting lovely ladies I’d only previously met via twitter and blogs. But I needn’t have worried. Sian greeted me warmly and directed me – at my request – straight to the ladies, and on my return I heard my name and turned to finally meet Gemma as previously mentioned. I could only stop an hour, my train being at 21.33, but it was so nice to meet the ladies behind some of my fave blogs (and both even prettier in real life than in their avatars!).

So, a great day out in the smoke, and I was home and tucked up in bed by midnight! Definitely a successful trip!


9 thoughts on “Social

    • You likey? I was quite pleased with this finished look. I wish the dress didn’t squish my boobs a bit, but it’s the price we must pay for a fitted waist! 😀

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