Spring’s best bits

My third outfit showcasing my pretty new shoes!

I haven’t got a whole lot to say today! I slept pretty much the whole way to work, worked like a crazy person all day, met Alysa at the station awaiting the same train as me and had a very pleasant natter all the way home… no unpleasant run-ins, no bad manners, no public transport nightmares – I even saw a guy give up his seat for an older gent on the bus! It has just been a nothing sort of day!

But on the way home I was thinking about all the things I love best about Spring, the bits I’m looking forward to in the coming months. They include:

  • lighter evenings, warmer days and sunshine
  • afternoons in the park, picnics on the grass
  • Spring coats – getting more wear out of my macs – and florals
  • daffs and tulips – my favourite flowers
  • neutral hold-ups and natural tan tights, bare legs and sandals
  • waiting for the bus/train WITHOUT shaking with cold
  • Spring lamb, green beans and…
  • DELICOUS new potatoes – with butter, in potato salad – any which way!

So, what are your favourite things about Spring?


12 thoughts on “Spring’s best bits

  1. *Love* that skirt!

    As for spring? Sunshine – and actually seeing some of it after work instead of all that glimpsing-daylight-in-your-lunchbreak malarky!

    Flowers and herbs and veg (er, s’pose I’d best plant some of that) starting to grow.

    Not having to bundle up in umpteen layers to leave the house – just throwing on a cardi or light jacket.

    • Thanks!

      I LOVE it being light when I get off my train. It makes the evening feel so much longer.

      Last night I went for milk in a thick cardi instead of a coat. It made me so happy!

  2. Yes, yes to all of those things! Bring on the picnics and the light cardies, summer sandals and wonderful long evenings! I was really happy that I could cycle home without my bike lights on after we said goodbye!

  3. Spring Things – baby birds flying round my garden, planting salad boxes, flowers bursting through the muddy ground in a riot of colour, being light when I go to/leave work, warm breezes through open windows, picnics, cardigans instead of coats, open toed shoes, the fresh smell of laundry dried outside, pub beer gardens. Bring it on!!

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