Now, I know I said my skinnies were only to be worn with long tops and tunic dresses, but I’ve found that even wearing these tops a girl can’t help but occasionally flash a bit of jean pocket. The problem is that these £5 skinnies were probably £5 for a reason – possibly related to the extreme tackiness factor of their decorations. Seriously, I’m less concerned about flashing my sizeable rear than I am about blinding passersby with the bling!

So, at lunch time today I nipped into Wilkos and bought some sandpaper, my plan being to sit down with a glass of red tonight and set to work distressing the hell out of the excess of zips and buttons on my behind. (Don’t worry, I will be removing the jeans first!) I’ll let you know how it works out!


8 thoughts on “BLING!

    • I don’t know – a couple of weeks back it was “Like your tits in that top”, now it’s “can we see your bottom”… People are gonna start talking hon! 😀

      Maybe. I’ll think about it. :S

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