Miss Austen regrets…

So, a while back I mentioned that I was struggling to find a costume on the theme of “what I wanted to be when I was 9”. From age 6 I wanted to be a writer, and since writers look, well, like me, like Roisin’s fella, Nic, like Nat… well, no offense to any of us, but that doesn’t make for much of a costume! I did consider going down the boarding school route, but it’s tricky to dress curves as a school girl without looking more St Trinians than Mallory Towers – and trashy was not something my 9 year old self saw in her future…

More ideas I came up with revolved around the characters I was obsessed with in books. There was Sara from A little Princess, but I don’t really have appropriate girlish Victorian garb readily available. On the other hand, there was Hatty from Tom’s Midnight Garden, who, as a ghost of sorts, could just about allow for the leap to my Victorian ghost girl nightdress – but that’s so scary I think it’s best kept for Halloween!

I do recall at some point entertaining some vague notion of becoming an actress, entirely on the basis that I could dress up in fabulous costumes. This led me to consider my red carpet dress. still to enjoy an outing, and actually (being an 80s masterpiece itself) not unlike a dress I wore to the school disco when I was 10! Velvet bodices with taffeta skirts were very ‘now” at the time, and my friend Helena showed up in something similar, probably also from M&S… We were definitely the best dressed girls in the school hall!

Eventually, the thought of costumes led me full circle to this regency styled dress I picked up for pennies on a charity shop fancy dress rail last summer.  It’s the perfect Jane Austen number, and Jane Austen was nothing if not a writer…

We have a winner!


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