It’s (not) my time

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I’m sure most of you will have read about the Benetton “It’s my time” global casting call for models. The competition asked readers to submit their photos, from which 20 were voted to attend a shoot in New York and 100 to feature in their book of the project.

The competition had over 65,000 entries in the end, and community members, as well as submitting their own images, could vote for their favourites. The top 100 were the result of these votes. The top 20 were picked by judges.

Benetton has always been about diversity of race. But the impression I got from this particular project that they wanted diversity in totality, not only skin colour. So imagine my disappointment on seeing the results.

Are any of these finalists disabled? Are any of them short or any body size other than slim? Ok, we can’t tell for sure, but looking at their profiles they all look pretty long limbed, and I’m certain not one of them is above a size 10… This is not diversity to my way of thinking.

Sorry Benetton, but “different and unconventional” are  not attributes I’d apply to any of your top 20. An overall diversity fail.


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