Ruby Shoesdays

Those of you who are active across the little corner of blogland I frequent will probably have read about Amber‘s shoe challenge  on Shoeperwoman, and about Lauren‘s decision to take up the challenge too. Now, I don’t have anywhere near as many pairs of shoes as Lauren, let alone Amber’s collection, so taking part in this particular activity wouldn’t be especially, well, challenging for me. What I do have is five pairs of red shoes and a pair of red boots, which, as approximately a fifth of my total collection, is frankly four more pairs of red shoes than anyone really needs!

So I’m extending my own little shoe challenge to you all. From now on, Tuesday shall be christened Ruby Shoesday. On Tuesdays I will be wearing red shoes – and I urge you all to join me!

UPDATE: The Rules!

It seems quite a few of you are up for the Ruby Shoesdays challenge! So, to begin with I have set up a flickr pool for you to share your red shoe remixes. You can find it at:

Feel free to add your own images, share your shoe collection, or just browse: as you wish.

Based on a couple of comments I have also decided to broaden your options so that you can bend the challenge to best suit your wardrobe… So, if like Fia you don’t actually have any red shoes but own an excess of yellow, you can join in in the spirit of the red shoe challenge – just without the red part…

Or, if you really want to join in you can just buy more shoes, and do your own little bit for the red shoe economy!

Looking forward to seeing your remixes!

My outfits are definitely getting more Spring-like every day!


29 thoughts on “Ruby Shoesdays

  1. I actually do need to get some more red shoes. I used to have a large assortment, but now it’s done to one pair of red heels, one pair of red birkenstocks and also my red cowboy boots – and so many of my clothes are red! I have my eye on those red Firetrap ones that you have, maybe on payday! x

        • Well, I will be buying those Firetraps come payday – I don’t know if there is a TK Maxx near enough to me to buy them, but I know a website where they’re £29, so that’ll do. I used to be the queen of red shoes, but a fair few pairs were worn to death and had to be chucked, and have not been replaced. You’ve inspired me to get going and get some more!

  2. Oh, that’s a fabulous idea! I love red shoes, although I don’t have nearly as many pairs as I’d like. Still, this will be an excellent excuse to change that 🙂

    • Oooh, I am a fan of glittery ruby slipper styles, though I never have the guts to pull them off myself. So will you be joining in with the challenge? 😀

  3. I don’t own a single pair of red shoes! Hmm. Though, yellow’s more my color. 😉 Maybe I’ll join in spirit and wear yellow instead.

  4. Oh fab, and I’ve just bought a pair of red canvas wedges, I also have a pair of red boots… i thought this was my red shoe collection, then i read a comment above and remembered I have a beautiful pair of glittery red pumps as well! I will be joining in too….but may need some more red shoes! I don’t think my husband will agree though…

  5. I want to join in too, red shoes are the best, I had a wonderful pair when I was 5 and have loved red shoes ever since. I only have two pairs at the moment, one pair of canvas ones from Primark years ago that are still looking good, and a gorgeous pair I cant walk in, will need to buy more, excellent!

    • Hooray! We’ll be able to compare notes at meetings the next day! Plus, judging on a few comments above, I feel a red shoe shopping trip may be in order soon! 😀

    • Four pairs is plenty – the trick’s in the remix!! Very pleased you’ve decided to join in – looking for ward to seeing a bit of pin-up style mixed in! 😀

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  8. Hi – My friend Cath pointed this out to me cos I’ve just launched something similar (but for fridays – so no competition) on my blog: – dunno if you like my idea, but I adore yours and will be taking part next week (I own at least eight pairs of red shoes, but not so many that are comfortable enough for work… might have to go shopping!)


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