Reworking the classics

Jaeger by Jaeger: redeveloped pieces from the archives

One day I’m going to be comfortably off. I’ll know this is the case, I believe, when my bargain-hunting shopping habits become choice not necessity. And when I can afford to buy statement pieces from my personal aspirational stores, Reiss and Jaeger.

I’ve had a love affair with Jaeger since I was little. My Gran used to buy items from their range, and it was one of the first labels I learned to recognise simply because it was such a magical word: to a little girl whose reading motto was “sound it out’, it confounded me with the soft magic of its hidden vowel sounds. Recently there have been a couple of pieces each season that I’ve longed for, be they a pair of winter-weight high-waisted paper-bag trousers, the perfect tuxedo jacket or the ideal office-to-dinner dress. Not being able to afford these pieces hasn’t stopped me sighing over their enewsletter, and when this landed in my inbox last week it proved no exception.

This collection shows exactly why vintage is so huge. Both of the items above demonstrate elements of design that are so easily dated, yet modern hair and accessories and a minor alteration to the overall shape bring them up to date. They also display the impact era-specific details have on an overall look, the fact that it’s not necessarily the classics as often claimed that make timeless pieces, but those with a slight edge.

Not to mention the importance of photography in dating a piece! I wonder whether, bloggers being the powerhouse of fashion they currently are, “amateur” will turn out to be the carbon-dating style attributed to fashion photography of the late noughties?


One thought on “Reworking the classics

  1. I found a gorgeous Jeager jacket in a second hand shop today… bloody thing was too big for me. Typical, the very time I need to be bigger I’m not!

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