Sewing for Pleasure

I woke up this morning feeling… normal! After the last three days it was the most fantastic feeling! I jumped out of bed at 8am and texted Kate to tell her I was well enough for our trip to the NEC for the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition!

It was a really lovely exhibition. We met online/distance member Christie at the entrance and browsed til we were ready to drop – which we did, in front of the catwalk for the last fashion show of the day. I bought some fabric for a dress, some patchwork pieces, and the V&A Nineteenth Century Fashion in Detail book I’ve wanted for a few years that has been out of print. And we met storm troopers. No, really – it was surreal…

The storm troopers were part of the Memorabilia exhibition next door – which Kate and I really wished we’d bought tickets for too!

Now I’m rushing off to my friend Clare’s for dinner in celebration of her 30th. Have a lovely Saturday evening one and all!


3 thoughts on “Sewing for Pleasure

  1. I love the dress you are wearing. I mean every year to get to that show at the NEC, but never seem to end up there, it looks like bliss. I must go!!

    • Thanks – an ebay bargain from years back that is one of my absolute favourites. It’s so easy to wear!

      The show was great – and you should come with us on our next trip. Everyone is welcome! 😀

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