No comment…

Where’s my waist gone? I have one – a great one! 😦
Won’t be wearing this again!

No, really. Good food, good wine, good company: this is what I wore.


9 thoughts on “No comment…

  1. I’ve got a couple tops like that. They’re completely unflattering, but perfect for bloaty icky PMS-y days 🙂

    • Yeah, but this is such a smart top, it’s kinda the last thing I want to wear on bloaty PMS days! I have slob gear for those. I think this one might be finding its way to a charity shop soon. 😦

  2. I have a top like that in red and the photographs of me in it are just really unflattering. I might give it to charity actually. That colour looks great on you though!

    • It’s the colour that has stopped me from donating it before now – I do love the purple! But I’m never particularly comfortable wearing it – I think the charity shop might find themselves the lucky recipients of this one too…

  3. I actually think you look really nice, when you’re slim and have a good figure tops like this are ok, you have skinny jeans on to balance it out.

  4. Hi there…I am a lurker on your blog and I don’t comment very often however, I think that top looks great on you with the skinnies but its the sleeves which aren’t balancing it. If you could shorten the sleeves or straighten them a little that would, in my opinion, make a huge difference!

    • You may be right Liz, but I wouldn’t fancy risking it only to find I made a mess and then couldn’t donate it… Plus, I’m kinda scared of altering the really light, really fraying type of chiffon. And it JUST misses my natural waist, which doesn’t help. Ho hum – I think it’s a charity shop donation! :S

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