A few snap shots of my weekend.

  • The clocks went forward – daylight savings began – so I spent Sunday night sulking about getting up at the equivalent of 4.30am on Monday.
  • Which meant that when I got up this morning it was still dark. The streetlamps turned off as I walked to work, so hopefully it won’t be for long… but it felt like a big step backwards and did NOT make me happy.
  • Spring truly sprang – it was warm enough to be out in short sleeves yesterday, and on my way home after Waterstones I got the year’s first whiff of freshly cut lawn. This DID make me happy!
  • And as we passed St Mary’s church on High Street (Oxford) the leaning tree (so called (by me) because it has a leaning post to stop it toppling over!) was COVERED in vibrant pink blossoms – first I’ve spotted this year.
  • Because of the weather, I think, people were in a good mood, well mannered – perky almost! Not one incident of rudeness all weekend – in fact, the rudest behaviour was in my own head when a group of teenagers got on the bus and I wanted to scream at them all to pick up their damned feet!
  • A young chap in tweeds also got on the bus and sat next to me. He smelled of cinnamon and spice mixed with pipe tobacco and made my mouth water all the way to work!

Don’t forget it’s Ruby Shoesday tomorrow!


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