Ruby gets rollin’

Welcome to Ruby Shoesdays week 1! Technically a Ruby Bootsday I guess…

I had a whole other Ruby Shoesday outfit laid out for today, but then I heard it was snowing up north and realised that my days for boot wearing are numbered, what with Spring being around the corner… plus, it felt like a *snug* kinda day, and this wool dress is nothing if not snug!

It was actually quite mild when I left for work, but by lunchtime the cold had set in, and I now wouldn’t be surprised to see sleet tomorrow. This is quite possibly my fault: on Sunday I packed away all but one winter coat (I’m not stupid enough to pack them all away – we live in Britain!) and pulled out my summer dresses. Talk about tempting fate…

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who took part in Ruby Shoesday this week – to see some inspiring pics check out the flickr stream or visit:

Amber at Shoeperwoman
Fi at Shoegal
Jenni at Pixie in Pumps


13 thoughts on “Ruby gets rollin’

  1. I had planned to switch over my wardrobes this weekend, and was really looking forward to getting all my Spring/summer stuff out. Now I’m wondering if May would be too soon…

    • Thanks Louise! I think you should submit what you wore for your anniversary dinner to the ruby shoesday flickr pool – it may not have been Tuesday but those are amazing ruby slippers!!

  2. Fab outfit! The dress is really great and the ruby boots make such a difference.

    I clearly need to invest in some ruby shoeses.

  3. Coooool outfit! I did my ruby shoesday today since I only left the house to go to the gym yesterday – but I forgot to photograph the evidence! Next week….

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