Man talk

Every morning (when I make it on time!) my bus picks up an attractive young fella. He’s noticeable because he’s attractive, yes, but also because he’s very polite. He always thanks the bus driver, even when he gets off via the centre doors. He’s been known to give up his seat, and even to jog down the bus to help someone on with a buggy or suit case. And he wears a cloth flat cap.

I don’t know if this is an Oxford thing – I’ve certainly not noticed it in Leamington – but a LOT of younger men just now are wearing flat caps. I’m not talking your student indie boys, but late twenties and through thirties, often with tweedy jackets and trousers, open necked shirts and occasionally ties. It works with the oversized men’s cardis that various X-factor contestants made wearable last year. It appears a sort of 40-50s casual working class homage, vintage for men.

I have to say, I rather like it!


12 thoughts on “Man talk

    • Oh crikey – I’m so bad at that, and then there’s the whole putting him online/legal thing… Nah – you’ll just have to trust me that he’s cute! πŸ˜€

    • Oh, undoubtedly! I was more drawing attention to the fact that these guys aren’t so much peer influenced as students – yet have avoided the adult Next-brand shirt and tie stereotype. There’s a whole possy of individual man-types out there!

      But when it comes down to it, I don’t think any of us ex-indie student types ever REALLY outgrow our desire to stand apart!

  1. A nice hat on a well dressed man is a winner. When we were at uni, Nic was well known for his trilby, which he still wears now. I get a bit fluttery when he wears it, I have to admit!

    • Oh yes – I love a man in a hat, and would always have said that trilbies were one of my particular faves.

      Some of my uni friends and I were once teasing one of our more arrogant friends about how we just didn’t really fancy him because he didn’t have that “thing”… and eventually convinced him that “thing” was actually a hat. He kept a wide-brimmed black trilby on his boot shelf for years after that! πŸ˜€

  2. I need to get a hat for Rich. He can rock a beanie like the best of them but he hasn’t really got any proper, non-baseball, non-humourous hats.

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