Maundy Thursday

I completely overslept this morning. I was awoken, when my alarm went off, by some horrible din (thud thud music should be banned… well, I was going to say before 10am, but let’s just leave it at banned!). Realising it wasn’t a hairwashing day and I still had 20 minutes to snooze, I directed my best whining grunt of disgust in the vague direction of the radio, rolled over and dozed off again. Next time I woke was 9 whole minutes before I needed to leave.

I had two potential outfits for today, both of which needed more than 9 minutes to perfect. So, knowing that a) I’d likely be jogging to the station rather than strolling and b) it felt like it might be darned cold out I grabbed my boots and worked up from there. My leggings were out, still being in the wash following their Ruby Shoesday outing (note to self: must put “more leggings” on my shopping list) so I reached for my comfiest skirt and built around it.

I bought this vintage 70s St Michael skirt in sixth form. The baby corduroy is so super soft and the waist band and hips fit my contours as if made to measure. I’ve worn it A LOT the past 12 years, and was heartbroken a few years back when, while making a wholesale batch of fairies one evening, I spilled an entire post of superglue on it… Which is why it has an appliqued flower design – to hide the spillage!

They did say mixing stripes and florals would be big this year…


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