Ruby shoesday #2

Yup, I’m back after an Easter hiatus, just in time for entry number two into the red shoe diaries!

Sometimes I think my brain is way ahead of the rest of me. Take this morning as a case in point. For no reason whatsoever, I got up early. I got up, took my time, ate a leisurely breakfast, brushed my teeth, still had time to kill… and then realised that, yes, I was early by regular standards, but today was the day that I (and the rest of the commuting world) would need to renew my season ticket. Which would mean standing in a queue at the station for 10 minutes rather than just breezing through the barriers past the friendly-yet-grumpy guard and onto the platform as the train pulled in. In fact, on season ticket renewal days I usually leave twenty minutes early, just to be safe.

Some hidden corner of my mind had clearly stuck up a post-it, even if the rest of my brain was blissfully oblivious.


One thought on “Ruby shoesday #2

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