Blatant theft

As I was awaiting the Number 5 tonight a Number 10 showed up. One of my fellow passengers-to-be spotted someone he knew on the bus and waved. The someone he knew tuned into some sort of neanderthal ape man, banging repeatedly on the window with the heel of his hand and mouthing words at his mate. Eventually, his mate caught on to his meaning, approached the window and took the bus ticket proffered through the window, which he then used to board the bus.

No words, just quiet disgust.


6 thoughts on “Blatant theft

  1. 😦

    I hope it was the case he was truly desperate. . . on his knees broke and needing to go to visit his sick grandma in a hospital 10 miles away. . . otherwise i have no sympathy for him

    • I hope so too GC, but having seen the exchange between them, the big grins and joking I rather fear that wasn’t the case… unless he was putting an exceptionally brave face on!

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