sew make believe: crochet workshop

Last night was the sew make believe crochet workshop as led by the lovely Roisin. I must confess, I found this quite challenging, and relied quite heavily on Alysa showing me the ropes throughout. But once my fingers had got the basics sussed I found I could leave them to it and they would create something resembling crochet quite successfully! I know full well that I have to stick at something for several days if I want it to sink in, so I brought my beret on the train this morning and must admit, it made the journey pass surprisingly quickly. I’m determined to finish my beret at the very least, and possibly even to master enough stictches to make a pretty matching scraf in time for next winter… 😀

You can read up on the workshop, see pictures of this event and others, and even become an online member of the club on the sew make believe blog. If you’re local to Warwickshire and would like to become an active member, please click on the button in my sidebar.


8 thoughts on “sew make believe: crochet workshop

  1. I’m exactly the same – I practiced my stitches when I got home (although it turns out that the cats thought this was some amazing game, and there were a few close calls with claws) as I knew if I didn’t carry on, I’d go back to my little patch and be left scratching my head! So, I think I’ve got the hang of the two stitches I tried, so that’s nice.

    Like anything, I don’t like it until I’ve got the hang of it! I had a lovely time though. Who knew being left handed could be so awkward though? 🙂

    • That’s exactly my attitude – don’t like it til I can do it. But there are just some things I’m willing to stick at (read: determined to overcome) and it turns out crochet is one of them!

      I’ve stitched in the round enough now to be confident I won’t forget how if I give it a break. I’ve not gone to the beginning of Roisin’s book to start from scrtach with outher stitches. There are a few projects in the back I’m determined to have a go at – gloves, capelet and shawl – so I intend to stick with this one! 😀 xx

  2. I am gutted that I missed it but I am glad it went well. I must ask Roisin or Alysa to show me the ropes another time as I definitely want to learn!

  3. It sounds wonderful & I look forward to seeing a pic of your beret. I’ve been buying that crochet part work but just haven’t had the time to dedicate to it yet.

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