As you’re reading this I am in fact in Harrogate at the IATEFL conference. I hate working exhibition stands, so am probably not in the best mood right this minute – which I guess makes it a good job I’m scheduling this ahead of time…

Conference dressing doesn’t come easily to me – the words “smart” and “comfortable” frankly contradict one another to my way of thinking, particularly where shoes are involved! This outfit had to fit both categories, but also withstand a 4 hour car journey this morning, hence the comfy cardi!

To read what I got up to on my day off last week, hop over to the sew make believe blog. There’s a few interesting projects up there I finally finished…


3 thoughts on “Away

    • Thanks! I’m quite pleased with the bean bag, but need some proper stuffing at some point. I checked in Hobbycraft and it’d cost me abuot £40 to get enough to fill it properly! Might be a tenner a month for four months job… xxxx

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