Home again

An evening look built around my only pair of black trousers
– I hate going out in trousers.

Well, the conference was actually more fun than I was expecting, and I got away earlier than planned so I was home before 11pm! Result! It was a shame that our connection out of York was canceled and our later train full of football fans that sang and shouted inappropriately all the way into Birmingham… a shame, but hardly a surprise with my record!

Yesterday we got into Harrogate around lunchtime and I spent the afternoon approaching interesting international conference delegates (and accidentally a couple of CUP employees!) asking them questions on behalf of the What’s your English? project that Macmillan Dictionary are running. I had the coolest little flip cam (I WANTS a flip cam!) and filmed people telling me their favourite English word, and also a word they felt was missing from the English language. It seems a lot of languages  have a word that means somewhere between “to miss” and “to yearn for” that isn’t accommodated in English – very interesting I thought!

Last night we dropped by the British Council drinks reception for wine and canapes then had a meal at a relatively average restaurant, for which I had to make my work trousers evening appropriate – hence the pic! I really do hate going out in trousers. 😦

By the way, Harrogate was beautiful. We were busy the whole time, but I’m determined to get back at some point for shopping and afternoon tea!

This morning I was on the stand, which was challenging as I didn’t know the answers to a lot of questions… but the more I listened in on the other reps the more I learned, so at least I feel better equipped to do future exhibitions now! Plus, I finally got to meet some of our authors, a definite bonus.

Waterstones tomorrow! Gawd, I need a day off…


12 thoughts on “Home again

  1. I love Harrogate – I’m going there on Wednesday! When you come back you must let me know and I will take you for afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea Rooms – it’s a must! And I can show you round too, my grandparents and Godmother lived there so I’ve been going there my whole life.

  2. I knew you’d like Harrogate, I do too! You’ll definately have to take Fi up on her offer of Betty’s tea rooms we nearly always go there and you’ll love it!

    PS- I love the outfit

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